“The Women’s Affairs Ministry yesterday highlighted the plight of domestic workers, noting that they are vulnerable and are in need of social protection services.

More than 250 domestic workers, government officials and members of civil society gathered yesterday to mark International Domestic Worker’s Day.

Soth Sithon, director of the Women Affairs Ministry’s economic development department, said during her speech that Cambodia has seen a boom in its labour force. Ms Sithon said eight out of ten women aged between 15 and 64 are in the Kingdom’s labour force.

“We noted that half of women who work are considered vulnerable because they are domestic workers – individuals who work alone, without help from others, and would often migrate to find a job,” Ms Sithon said. “What they do is valuable.”

She said about 60 percent of young women leave their homes to pursue employment in the capital. Ms Sithon said these women seek employment in the garment, domestic work, construction, entertainment, and retail industries, among others.

“There are more than 240,000 domestic workers and the majority are women,” Ms Sithon said. “We do not have surveys on domestic workers, but we can see they are often in vulnerable situations because they are made to work overtime, without a contract, for low wages.””